The Society for Preservation of Artefacts of Surgery & Medicine



Established 1979

The Society for Preservation of the Artefacts of Surgery & Medicine is the sole owner and governing body of the SPASM Museum.

The SPASM Museum

We invite you to visit on one of our open days either as a casual visitor, or in the company of one of our experienced guides. To get the most out of a visit, large groups need to make prior arrangements.

The SPASM Museum has 9 display rooms illustrating the history of and advances in health care, encompassing both the hospital and non-hospital sectors - including the history of moveable health memorabilia and heritage items. The Items displayed are no longer used in the practice of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, pathology, diagnostic medicine, general practice, surgery, operating theatre, anaesthesia, dentistry and psychiatry or their specialties.

All these items were donated to SPASM by individuals and health care organisations.

The museum is managed solely by volunteers.

Opening Hours

February to November: The second Saturday and fourth Monday from 11am to 3pm (public holidays excluded) or by appointment. Groups that wish to visit the museum please make prior arrangements by post, phone or email.


Casual visitor guided tour: $5.00 per person

Group tours with guide: $10.00 per person

Museum Location

Building 6, Gladesville Hospital

Victoria Road, Gladesville NSW 2111 Australia

Enter from Victoria Road, Building 6 is the first building on the right. Parking is available in the car park beside the museum. A Victoria Road bus stop is located at the door to the museum.